Residential and Commercial Drain Clearing

In your home or at your workplace – this is what we do.

If you suspect or know that your drains are blocked, call City Drains now!

You’ve noticed there is a bad smell about the house, or perhaps your toilet or sink isn’t flowing away like it normally does?

These are the first signs of a possible drain blockage. Before you flood or disaster strikes, call us and we will deal with the problem promptly, saving you a great deal of money and stress.

We undertake any type of drain clearing. We use the latest high-pressure water jetting machinery to unblock your drains. City Drains also offers a tanker pump- out service, or manhole-to-manhole submersible pump-outs.

This service is available to all residential and commercial customers in the Greater London area.

Don’t delay, call City Drains now on: 0800 007 5308