Pump outs

City Drains offers pump outs for residential and commercial properties in the London region and are experienced in dealing with all types of flooding emergencies. If your basement or property is flooded because of a burst pipe, surges from the main sewer, river flooding or a burst water main, or you need to pump out and clean a cesspit, we can help!

Our tanker service has the capacity to suck out all the contents from your drains, silt, fat and grease, debris etc.

We also offer a submersible pump out service from outlet to outlet in case of collapsed drains or repairs taking place. This is absolutely vital if the buildings utilities are to continue being used during repairs, you can rest assured that your drains won’t overflow and flood your property, in particular those premises that have basements.

For basement clean ups, we also have industrial aqua vacuums, so you can be sure every last drop of liquid waste is removed from your basement or home!

For a free quote for a pump-out, or any other drainage woes, call us now on 0800 007 5308, or send us a message.