Drain Cleaning

If your drain suffers from recurring blockages or continuous bad smells, chances are the pipe is full of residues such as: fat & grease, silt, scale etc. These build up over a period of time and usually accumulate in the drainpipe channels. Residues will begin to let off bad odours and become the cause of recurring blockages as fluids aren’t able to flow away normally.

City Drains is equipped to deal with drain cleaning of all types; foul sewers, surface water sewers, kitchen sink waste pipes, baths, showers, urinals, WC and stack pipes too. Our engineers are experts in restoring drains back to their former condition. Every engineer carries on board a high-pressure jet, capable of breaking the most stubborn of residues and with a maximum working pressure of 4000 psi.

Jetting the drain is only part of the cleaning process. The engineers will also make a sewer entry and manually remove any excess sewerage waste that is washed into the manhole. Simply jetting the drains is not always sufficient. As part of our drain cleaning service, the engineer will also vacuum out the Main Interceptor Trap, to ensure that the drain waste flows away as it should.

Typically a mid terraced property with two manholes, takes between 1 to 1.5 hours to jet clean. If your property is suffering from recurring drain blockages, then it’s well worth investing in a drain jet clean. A proper clean will give you many years of trouble free drains and in the long run save you money.

We offer:

  • Appointment visits available to suit you
  • Equipped to clean all types of pipes up to 225mm (9”)
  • Removal of fat & grease, silt, scale, roots & debris
  • Exact quotes – you know exactly what you’ll pay
  • Highly experienced and trained engineers
  • 3-month guarantees on all drain cleaning*
  • Complimentary CCTV Drain Inspection on all cleans of two hours or more, including electronic DVD**

Call us now on 0800 007 5308, or send us a message.

*Provided there are no defects or problems with your sewer and the wrong things are not thrown down the drain (i.e. anything other than toilet tissue).

**Offer not available on commercial drains. A written report and plan is available at an extra cost.